"Sans Titre", or  “Untitled” in French, is most-often utilized for artworks that lack formal naming.

Very often, artworks do not have titles. Check any art auction website, and you will discover that the most-used title for artwork on the planet—is actually the lack of titling all together: "Untitled" or "Sans Titre".

On the one hand, some artworks are not formally codified/serialized with names by artists, and intentionally so; some works, as we all know, are more so temporal creative gestures than formally serialized works.

On the other hand, creativity can sometimes neither want to be named, nor defined by written language. *In other instances of course, the lack of a title for a work is also sometimes a result of the many informal transfers in a work's ownership, from one collector to the next; in these instances, "Sans Titre" is a default--functioning as a place-holding catch all.

Ultimately, the concept of Sans Titre implies that our platform is always open for redefinition, reinterpretation, and that it too is never done.

Our platform is defined by artists and by their creativity. The highest-value anomalistic factor in sales transaction is not the store--but rather, it is the available creation of the artist, and the relationship that the artist holds with their fans, supporters, and collectors.

Creativity has no start and stop, and the brief from our team to artists will always be open and welcoming: to create and to share. Sans Titre as a platform will always be defined, and re-defined by the artists who leverage our platform. Here’s to a future of innovative re-contextualization and creation.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Sans Titire / ICNCLST team.